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Land Development


✓       Conceptual/Preliminary Development Site Layout

✓       Conceptual/Preliminary Grading and Drainage Plan

✓       Tentative Tract Map and/or Tentative Parcel Map

✓       Floodplain Studies

✓       Preliminary WQMP

✓       Rough Grading Plans

✓       Erosion Control Plans

✓       Street Improvement Plans

✓       Water and Sewer Plans

✓       Storm Drain Plans

✓       Hydrology Calculations (Rational and Unit Synthetic Methods)

✓       Hydraulic Calculations (WSPGN and HEC-RAS)

✓       Final Tract Map and/or Final Parcel Map

✓       Easements

✓       Precise Grading Plans

✓       Lot Disclosure Exhibits and Plot Plans

✓       Miscellaneous Engineering Exhibits

✓       WQMPs

✓       FEMA Processing (CLOMR & LOMR)

✓       Legal Drainage Expert Services

Our staff can prepare the following engineering design plans and studies for land developers and home builders:

Public Works

Our staff has vast experience in providing the following professional engineering services:





Drainage/Flood Control - ACI has top notch experience with river crossing projects and provides an extensive array of flood control services including Underground Storm Drain and Open Channel Design, Regional Master Drainage Plans, Floodplain Management & Processing, Debris Production and Sediment Transport Analysis, Bridge Scour Analysis, Detention and Debris Basins, Regional Facility Design and Resource Agency Permit/Design Support.



Transportation - ACI carries extensive local roadway improvement experience and understands that agencies are challenged with the development and maintenance of a transportation network that provides safe travel routes, aesthetically pleasing community corridors, and efficient access to its businesses. ACI understands these challenges and brings exceptional design and management services to our public agency partners for Neighborhood Beautification, Traffic Safety, Pavement Rehabilitation, Street Improvements, and Highway Design projects.



Stormwater Quality - ACI has prepared numerous stormwater quality studies and reports in support of public works projects such as Water Quality Assessment Reports (WQARs), Water Quality Management Reports (WQMPs), and SWPPPs.



PAED Support - ACI has prepared Location Hydraulic Studies (LHS) and Summary Floodplain Encroachment Reports (SFER) in support of numerous Federal Funded projects.

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