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Land Development

ACI has provided civil design and drafting support services for numerous land development projects in Southern California since 1993.


We have prepared and completed over 800 tentative tract maps, hydrology maps, and miscellaneous engineering exhibits.


Additionally, we have prepared and completed civil design improvement plans for:


Approximately 5,000,000 linear feet of street or roadway.

4,500,000 linear feet of sewer and water lines.

1,500,000 linear feet of storm drains and drainage channels.

Rough grading and precise grading plans and plot plans for over 35,000 lots.

Conceptual and final site plans for over 93 commercial projects.


Empire Lakes Golf Course

Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Project Highlights:

  • 385 Acres

  • 200 Acres of Commercial/Industrial Parcels

  • 18-Hole Golf Course

Casa Blanca Ranch

Yucaipa, CA

Project Highlights:

  • 253 Acres

  • 75 Custom-built Homes

  • Golf Course

  • Historical Site

Coyote Canyon

Fontana, CA

coyote canyon

Project Highlights:

  • 323 Acres

  • 642 Residential Homes

  • Park

Chapman Heights

Yucaipa, CA

Project Highlights:

  • 2,100 Acres

  • 1,875 Residential Homes

  • Commercial Sites

  • Parks

  • 18-hole Golf Course


Murrieta Highlands

Murrieta, CA


Project Highlights:

  • 647 Acres

  • 920 Residential Homes

  • Commercial Sites

  • Park

Arrantine Hills

Corona, CA

Project Highlights:

  • 564 Acres

  • 1,120 Residential Homes

  • Commercial Sites

  • Parks


Oak Valley States

Beaumont, CA

oak valley

Project Highlights:

  • Part of 7,000-acre master plan

  • 3 golf courses

  • 2,100 units on 700 Acres

CLOMR for Tract 17630

Highland, CA

Project Highlights:

  • Floodplain Study for Plunge Creek

  • Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR)

  • Study Coordination with City of Highland and FEMA

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sunland 1
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