Project Experience

ACI has provided civil design and drafting support services for numerous land development projects in Southern California since 1993.


We have prepared and completed over 800 tentative tract maps, hydrology maps, and miscellaneous engineering exhibits.


Additionally, we have prepared and completed civil design improvement plans for:


Approximately 5,000,000 linear feet of street or roadway.

4,500,000 linear feet of sewer and water lines.

1,500,000 linear feet of storm drains and drainage channels.

Rough grading and precise grading plans and plot plans for over 35,000 lots.

Conceptual and final site plans for over 93 commercial projects.


ACI has provided engineering design services for multiple agencies in Southern California since 1993.


We have provided floodplain analysis, bridge hydraulics and scour studies, and sediment transport analysis for several major bridges over waterways and rivers.


We have prepared hydrology and drainage studies and preliminary and final drainage plans in support of numerous roadway and bike trail improvements.


We have prepared multiple Water Quality Assesment Reports (WQAR), Water Quality Management Reports (WQMP), Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), Location Hydraulics Studies (LHS), and Summary Floodplain Encroachment Reports (SFER) in support of major roadways, trails, and drainage improvements.